Saturday, 28 February 2015

Isla and the Happily Ever After Review

Spoiler free

The last book from the Anna and the French Kiss series is Isla and the Happily Ever After! In this book Stephanie Perkins takes you back to SOAP (school of America in Paris). Although I did love being away from that it is nice that in the last book you are able to revisit the school that Anna went to, after all, Paris is the city of love. You meet a timorous red head also portrayed as quite a sexy character, Isla Martin who is in love with artistic troublemaker, Josh Wasserstein. 

“Stephanie Perkins characters fall in love the way we all want to" 
Rainbow Rowell, bestselling author of ELEANOR AND PARK and FANGIRL.

This book included the comedy side of romance, for starters Isla is high on numbing drugs in the first scene (prior to having her wisdom tooth out), this just makes me love her character because despite being shy, she shouts at Josh when she sees him sitting in her favourite cafe in New York, its extremely cringe worthy but very cute. Josh is quite a timid character as well and he's in the first book as he was Etiennes best friend but unfortunately they were in the year above him so for a year he was left to fend for himself, you only meet Isla a little bit in the first book, and even from that you know shes in love with him.                                                                                                  

Isla's best friend Kurt has autism which makes me love this book even more because I think that not enough people know about it, I certainly didn't and so when I read this book it gave me a much more clearer understanding of it. Josh at first believes that Kurt is actually Isla's boyfriend but soon comes to realise that is not the case. The two characters fall in love quite slowly, its not rushed and on there trips/dates the city of Paris is exploited, all the wonderful places to visit and see are in this book and Anna and the French Kiss. I found that this book was a lot more disastrous than the other two as they are faced with so many problems young lovers come up against. 

This book really captures all the emotions of being in love as a teen, the anger, the passion and the longing to be together every second of the day. Isla really is a great and complex character and Josh is a dreamboat *swoon*. You also meet characters from past books as it tied them all together. It took me a while to decide which book I liked best but I have to say I think it was this one, although a lot people think this was the worst which I don't understand. I liked the fact the book was based in so many places; America, Paris and Barcelona - you constantly got a change of scenery so I was never bored of the book. It makes me sad that this series had to end but for me it was on a high and so for that I will give this a 9/10. It really was a happily ever after. 

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