Sunday, 1 February 2015

Illusions Of Fate Review

Spoiler Free 

Downton Abbey meets Cassandra Clare in this lush, romantic fantasy from New York Times bestselling author Kiersten White.

I started the New Year with a new to me author last month. I had heard great things about the book Illusions Of Fate by Kiersten White and was also the first eBook I've read on the IPad I received for Christmas. 
The book is about a foreign student, Jessamin trying to pursuit a good education in a new country that has a bad reputation and very different views from her countrymen from the island of Melei. Jessamin is coping, she is staying in a servants room in the inn owned by others from Melei, and is studying hard and keeping up well in class. However it’s not until she meets Finn, a gorgeous, unfathomable young lord who introduces her to the secret world of Albion’s nobility, a nation filled with money, luxuries, parties and magic, when everything begins to transform and change. Jessamin is introduced into a new enchanting world living within her own mundane life; filled with magic, friendship, happiness, love and pain.
I may be biased with this book, as it is set in my favourite time period: the Victorian era (19thcentury). Therefore I immediately fell in love with the setting, the architecture, the clothing. But I find it even more impressive to have such a powerful, brave heroine in this time period. Jessamin goes through a lot in this book and she never fails to be the stubborn and feisty female protagonist that never grows old, whilst also being the polite and elegant young lady. 
The books is set in a fictional city called Albion, however I believe it has many comparatives to England in that Victorian/ Edwardian era. The book is filled with charming characters and pleasant dialogue. If you are hoping for an action packed adventure and tense fighting and heated love scenes, this isn't the book for you to read. Where there is a love story, it is very steady and romantic but is quite...composedInstead of the intense kissing you get to really appreciate the character’s relationship develop through the dialogue in this book, which is something quite rare. 
There is one particular scene in this book which is quite gruesome, it is in the earlier stages on the book, and it isn't detailed too much, but those with a good imagination, can picture the scene and violence. 

I did love this book. Even if the story was a little slow for some, the language and writing style from Kiersten White is spectacular and I will be buying myself more books from her in the future- that says enough doesn't it? I zoomed through this book and I got addicted instantly because of the writing. And then when the story started to progress I couldn't put it down. I would be happy if this book was to become a series or if a prequel novel based on a certain character was to come out, although I think the book on its own works well and creates a happy, pleasant read. 

I rate this book 7/10, and recommend it to those who want a steady, easy, enjoyable read.