Friday, 30 January 2015

Looking For Alaska Review

This week I was debating on what book to review, it’s hard to decide these things. At first I was going to do Anna and the French Kiss but I decided I’m going to that with the other books as it is part of a series. Then I came to the idea of reviewing Paper Towns but when I was writing it I just wasn't satisfied with it. Then I literally had a light bulb moment. I have finally decided that I will be reviewing Looking for Alaska. I have read three John Green books, to be fair I haven’t read that many books as I have only just got into it but I’m finding that I will tend to just go towards romance books, it’s something about reading about such strong feelings and emotions and mainly because at heart I’m a classic girl. Greeny (as I have now decided I want to call him) has a certain style of writing which up until now I haven’t decided whether I like it or not, sometimes I will think “ooo I need a quick John Green fix” but then others I will just go on about its flaws.

Looking for Alaska is probably one of my favourite books from Greeny (still loving the nickname, kind of reminds of broccoli though – ew). I liked Miles, the protagonist of Looking For Alaska, a lot because he was basically just a massive nerd who remembers peoples last words, which was a bit obscure but hey ho this is a John Green book its going to involve some brain racking quote. I always get so excited when reading his books, the plots are so good and he knows how to make you think and feel. He knows how to make you sympathize with the character and make you feel like it’s you going through it. Alaska, Miles' crush and new friend, was a confusing character though, a very confusing character but I liked that because it was honest to teenagers, we’re confusing and we can just change suddenly. The relationship between him and Alaska progresses throughout the book and the group they create with Martin (his roommate) is really a close knit friendship and they go through a lot as characters, together.

However I do find that his books always have to have a person with a “difference” whether its Hazel with her poems or Miles with his last words, Greeny always writes intelligent characters, this is what makes a “John Green” book but sometimes it gets a bit repetitive. I know a lot of people love John Green and think he’s a genius, which he is but for me just a little repetitive and can sometimes be predictable.

Overall I give this book a 7/10, as it is now my favourite John Green book.