Monday, 26 January 2015

The Mortal Instruments Series Review

Spoiler Free

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare is one of my favourite series of all time. It was the series that truly got me hooked on the fantasy genre. The series is aimed at older teens/young adults. Away from the very well-known dystopian novels that are the craze at the moment this incredible author has managed to create a world involving many supernatural creatures that envelope millions of variety and possibilities for you to enjoy. This book, despite the relatable heroine Clary, is not specifically only appealing towards a female audience. However it does supply you with plenty of romance throughout the books. The sixth and final book was released end of May 2014 and was a painful wait. Although was totally worth it when the author ended the series phenomenally. Don’t be put off with the lengthy series as each book offers the readers something new and there was not one book that was increasingly weaker than the rest. I couldn’t put them in order of my favourite to least because I loved them all.

Brief Synopsis of first book – City Of Bones

Ordinary and artistic fifteen year old Clarissa (Clary) Fray is out at an abnormal club called the Pandemonium with her best friend Simon. Whilst there, Clary witnesses a brutal violence that no one else can see, performed by three teenagers dressed in black. She soon discovers that they are called Shadowhunters: a breed of Humans with Angel blood. Clary finds out that the reason why she can see them is that she too is a Shadowhunter. Confused about upset about not knowing her own past, things only get worse when her mother is abducted by the ultimate ‘bad-guy’ Shadowhunter –Valentine. All Clary cares about is getting her mother back, but many obstacles get in her way and her new company has made the old drift away.

Cassandra Clare’s descriptive writing is flawless when she brings us with Clary into a brand new world with infinite possibilities. This series includes tense action and drama and heart-warming romance. In every single CC book, she manages to connect the audience to the characters so much that when they get hurt, you get hurt.
Whenever I go into what I call a ‘reading slum’ (can’t concentrate or feel the want to read) I start to read The Mortal Instruments Series. I finish them quickly as I instantly get addicted and have never got bored. I have now read them so many times I know what happens when and still have a laugh or a cry at certain chapters. Disregarding The Hunger Games, this is the series that got me hooked on reading. It is the first ‘fandom’ I became part of and, if you read this series, as you should, I guarantee you will be too.

In 2013 the film adaption came out in the cinema. The entire TMI fandom was so hyped for the movie, however comparing it to the books it was unfortunately a disappointment. I had no issue with the cast, some may not have been the right age or whatever but it is impossible to cast actors that will be made for a certain role and that everyone will approve of. However, the actual story was not accurate to the book. I understand that it is difficult to adapt an entire book and world into a film that could possibly be a series of six movies although the Harry Potter films had no issue. The film did not follow the book’s plot as well as it should have in addition to the dialogue being super cheesy! Eugh I cringed so much. Also, what is with books being aimed at aged 15+ and then being adapted into a 12A movie!? The supposedly kick-ass fighting was like dancing! If you have seen the film and not read the books, please do not have a negative opinion on the books as Cassandra Clare’s incredible talent was not given justice. I advise you to go and pick up the City of Bones book and change your mind!

Overall this book series is a must read. As an entire series I would rate it 10/10. I wanted to have my first blog post being on one of my favourite book series!