Monday, 26 October 2015

Black Ice Review

Spoiler Free

Hello! Halloween is less than a week away and thought I'd share an appropriate book to read if you're looking for something a bit darker to enjoy.Last year, Black Ice was published at around November time - perfect for the cold months- and I read it straight away.

Black Ice is the story of protagonist Britt Pfeiffer and best friend Korbie travelling to the mountains for spring break. Britt's attempt to be adventurous and impress her ex-boyfriend rapidly go downhill when a treacherous storm suddenly hits the mountain, and the two girls are left stranded; vulnerable and afraid in the dangerous ice and snow. The two seem hopeless, and know it themselves. Fortunately they're found by two men who come to their aid. Their luck melts into doubt when Britt questions their loyalty and whether they would have been safer on their own...

The book is what it sounds. Two teenage girls helplessly stranded in drastic conditions, shivering and desperate for a hero. Although many people criticize the book's story: finding it too much of a teen movie like narrative with annoying characters (true), I found the book enjoyable. No one can deny the beautifully detailed descriptive writing of Becca Fitzpatrick (author of hush, hush series), creating a precise environment of the white blanketed world.

The characters are very stereotypical. Primarily targeting the girls. Slim and attractive American teens, our protagonist is intelligent and her 'bestie' naive. A lot of the dialogue in the first few chapters is of the two gossiping about irrelevant content - this doesn't last too long, trust me.  

The book includes aspects of thriller, mystery, and romance woven throughout. Uniquely, I preferred the romance element as I found the mystery and the 'plot twist' totally predictable within the first half of the book.

Although this book may sound like one that's best left in the book store, I did thoroughly appreciate the easiness of reading a simply story and light-hearted tone book. Sometimes we do want something that doesn't require us to think and engage seriously with - especially if you're finding it difficult to dedicate your full attention to a book due to school/work or personal issues. If this is so, I'd definitely recommend this book - even if it's one of the ones you cheaply buy on kindle - as I believe if you've been finding it difficult to get into reading lately, this will give you the final push.

Rating this book purely on its storyline, I'd give it 5/10. However I wouldn't rule it out as a bad book, but reflecting on it now I know where it's been lacking.


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