Sunday, 18 October 2015

Where Rainbows End & Love, Rosie Movie Review

A hilarious, roller-coaster of emotions adapted to a hilarious, enjoyable and emotional movie.

Where Rainbows End 

 I read this book over a year ago in anticipation for the release of the movie. A year late review is probably better than neglecting it altogether and furthermore, I assume there are plenty of people who have taken time in watching the film, but not reading the book. So, perhaps this review will push this book further up your TBR list...

Although a hefty 558 pages, this book will not take you long to read as it is written in various forms of e-mails, text messages and letters. Usually this would put me off a book, however Cecelia Ahern managed to do it so successfully; the first person narrative created an excellent perception of every character. The way each letter pieced together throughout the entirety of the book created a perfect story as well as characters which connected you emotionally to them all.

Something that differentiates this book from any other, and the film is the fact that it spreads over 50 years. This allows you to experience families growing and shrinking. The book starts with Rosie and Alex: two best friends planning Rosie's 7th Birthday party. The language patently changes throughout the book in the terms of slang and spelling in the younger years, and becoming more sophisticated albeit remaining colloquial as the two characters progress on in life. Much like there relationship, being innocent and childlike but then advancing onto something more complicated.

As well as relationships, this book holds a sense of dreaming and wishing in life and going for what you deserve and desire. That aspect was particularly important for me as it is something I question daily - 'what am I going to do when I'm older'. Many relatable life -long topics pop up in this book which make it even more relatable and special.

Although it's been over a year, I can vividly remember specific aspects of this book which basically proves how enjoyable it is. This book genuinely was a 'roller-coaster of emotions' which had me belting with laughter and also bringing tears to my eyes- and for that reason alone I would recommend it. This book shows the perfections and imperfections of life that majority of people can relate to and build an attachment to. Therefore I rate this book 8/10 for originality, great humour and all-round enjoyment.

Love, Rosie 

The trailer may contain spoilers for the book. It does not ruin it but you may not want to know -

Personally, I think the movie was very true to the book. It remained the same slapstick and witty humour and kept the heart-warming romance. Though the film did not stretch to the extreme timeline of the book, it still had the same feel and message to it. Due to this, certain story-lines and characters were removed, but the film is primarily based on the incredible rare relationship of Rosie and Alex,

We start, much life the book with Rosie and Alex, two inseparable best friends aged around 7 talking and exploring the wonders of the world and all the magical possibilities it holds for them when they grow up. The transition through their childhood and young adulthood is shown very well through fashion, hair trends, and also music.

The actors in this film were perfect for me. Sam Claflin cannot fail and Lily Collins is one of my favourite actors; playing an important role in my favourite romance movie Stuck In Love. Personally I think Lily's British accent was good and the couple created undeniable chemistry.

I've watched this film with both my friend, and my mum separately. Both audiences thoroughly enjoyed the film due to: connection with characters, real life dilemmas, hilarious script and lovely storyline. This film is pure entertainment. There are aspects of this film that are slightly cringe-worthy, however it is not in a negative way. It adds to the constantly flowing humour.

 I'm sure there are people who complain about the characters who aren't in the film, and complain about the ages and timeline being shorter. But honestly I think if it was achieved it wouldn't be as enjoyable. There would probably have to be several different actors playing the two characters Rosie and Alex and it would create the strong connection/bond to the character's that you form when watching. Every book-to-movie adaptation will have advantages and disadvantages, similarities and differences, but I strongly believe that this movie was a success and a regular cheer-up movie for me.


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