Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Time Traveler's Wife Review

I feel like this a huge responsibility writing the first post and all but here it goes…

The Time Travelers Wife is romance novel by Audrey Niffenegger, it is probably one of my favourite books I have read so far as it gives you a different perspective on time travel and how it works and also involving a cheesy passionate romance between Clare and Henry. However I would say the book would be more aimed at woman purely because of the soppy romance but that’s not to say a man wouldn’t enjoy reading it (not sexist). It has a meaty 529 pages that you can really sink your teeth into. “Hooked at the first few pages” is something I hardly hear myself saying, because I have the attention span of a 4 year old, so for me this book was clearly going to be a favourite.  

I have to admit at first it took a while to understand the book, as it switches times/years/characters but I found that it worked well since it was mainly based around Time Travel so it made sense for Niffenegger to do that. While I was reading this book I was actually on holiday in Mallorca and found this the perfect beach book, I can’t remember a moment of that holiday when the book wasn’t in my hands. It took me about a week to read it purely based on the fact that I was obviously on holiday, because of this the book isn’t in the best condition as I took it on sandy beaches which makes me extremely upset as this is one of my favourites. 

I grew very fond of the character Clare as Niffenegger portrait her as quite a strong character even though she has been through a lot with Henry, which made her more relatable and understandable. Henry at the beginning for me took a while to warm up to because he was such a timid shy character until he progressed later in the book. Henry has a rare condition in which he will just go back/forward into any time period, which makes day to day life hard as he will just suddenly disappear and leave Clare on her own for a while. The love between them was undeniable; it gave you butterflies as you read it. The book really shows the importance of always being there for someone and remembering people when they are no longer there, feelings and emotions are the best parts of humans and it really showcases that.

I loved the ending personally as it shows that no matter what time or age Henry is always there for Clare. However I recently watched the film they made as I tried to avoid it at first because I’m not a big fan of the whole movie adaption hype. As it got to the end I thought “this film was actually okay” but then… they had changed the ending!! What! The ending was so powerful and true but they had changed it so that he sees his daughter is in the field where he had met Clare, Alba (the daughter) then shouts her mum to come and see. Although I thought this was quite a different way to end it for me it was no way as near as good as the book.

Overall I would give this book a 10/10, purely because its the best book I have read, in my opinion.