Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Hello everyone, welcome to our blog!

We are two friends who both love to read and therefore have decided to create a blog about reviewing and discussing books. However creating a blog on something we both love is purely out of enjoyment. Obviously we want to make sure this blog is the best to our ability and so time is key.We also hope to have a community of book readers to discuss our views and opinions on certain books and gets some groovy debates going (hipsters). 

As we are both teenagers, the books we read are usually older teen/ young adult books. Usually fantasy, science fiction or romance. We will soon be posting some books we have previously read and can review :).

In the future we will be giving our email out for any of you who have been wanting to read a book but would like a detailed spoiler free review can email us with the recommendation. 

We both follow several social media icons but very few that have focused on books. We hope that creating a blog is a success as it is something we have been dwelling on for months now. We promise to stay dedicated and post regularly, therefore we hope that our future efforts pay off with a positive response. We're both excited about getting this going finally...