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2015's Books to Look Forward To...

Something different for you! A little over a month into 2015 and the wait for some amazing books is decreasing. Here are 12 books out this year to look out for. Due to there being 'so many books, so little time', I constantly find myself reading books that are a few years old. This, of course, is no issue however it just adds books to my list. Though some books and some authors just cannot wait. Most of the following books have been added to my TBR list, and the lucky ones I will buy as soon as they're out (the really lucky ones are pre-ordered <3 ).

January 6th 
All the Bright Places - Jennifer Niven
This book is one that Charlotte has got her hands on and a review will be out shortly. It's another heart-throbbing love story (and will soon be a movie) that has caught my attention. As I am usually drawn towards Fantasy or Science Fiction books, a romance novel that catches my attention with a blurb, rather than thousands of bloggers talking about it (TFIOS), is impressive. I think this book seems unique to me because I love heroes and villains, people saving each other from a certain evil. Therefore, when a romance book can interpret these situations in such a unique way is special. For Theodore, the villain is himself, he intends to die. And his hero, Violet intends to have a fulfilling life. They save each other, but in a different way than the sacrificial alien books I am used to...

February 10th 
Red Queen (Red Queen #1) - Victoria Aveyard
This book is right up my street. A dystopian world in a fantasy novel? Hell yeah.  Does this book sound like it has a feisty, unique individual as our protagonist? Oh yes. Am I going to buy this book ASAP? Yeah gurrl! This book reminds me of Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. Probably nothing like it, but with a young heroine, Mare, who has prohibited magical powers in a deprived world ticks all boxes for me and I will own this book. I WILL.

March 10th
Confess - Colleen Hoover
Contempory novels are always welcome as having so many new series coming out and still reading many ongoing series can be quite a handful. Therefore, each year we rely on Colleen Hoover to supply a lovely romance novel that we can finish in one sitting. This book by her stands out to me a little more than her others as it is about two people who have a passion and interest in art falling in love. Being interested in art myself, it just makes me like the book more and becomes more promising for me. Nevertheless, without that, I have no doubt that it would still be an awesome read.

April 21st

Things We Know by Heart - Jessi Kirby
This is another emotional book like TFIOS. When Quinn's boyfriend, Trent, passes away in their junior year, she reaches out to the recipients of his donated organs. However, the person who received her boyfriend's heart never responded. Quinn believed that finding Trent's heart will mend hers. Eventually, Quinn discovered 19 year old Colten Thomas, now owner of Trent's heart. And Quinn feels alive again, consequently falling for him. I feel that this is a book that will be an emotional journey, and book like that always make me feel wary. Nevertheless, the storyline is unique and those who like the heart-throbbing romance should seriously consider this book as I'd imagine it being right up their street.

April 28th 
The Girl at Midnight (The Girls at Midnight #1) - Melissa Grey
"For readers of Cassandra Clare's City of Bones and Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone, The Girl at Midnight is a story of a modern girl caught in an ancient war."- Goodreads
This book is another YA Fantasy that appeals to me greatly. A new species has been created for us all to discover: Avicen. An ancient race of people with feathers for hair and magic running through their veins. This enchanting book seems like a wonderful new instalment to yet another series I need to read!

May 5th

A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses #1) - Sarah J. Maas
I am excited to experience more of the great Sarah J. Maas' imagination as the Throne of Glass series is phenomenal and I have high hopes for this series too. Maas writes worlds that are my favourite, full of fantasy, action and romance and I have no doubt that this book will offer these as well. Although, I hope it's not too similar to the ToG series!

June 9th 
The Stars Never Rise (Untitled Series #1) - Rachel Vincent
This is another new series I will have to be starting because it sounds so awesome. Yet another YA fantasy book including demons and is apart of a series that will be taking money from me. And I can't wait. This book also hints horror, which I love and, from reading the description, the possible love interest of our protagonist, Nina, has green eyes <3. Can June be now please?

June 16th 

Scorched (Frigid #2) - Jennifer L. Armentrout
I hate myself everyday for still not owning Frigid, a book by my favourite author. But I will have it before June. And I will have read it. And then I will pre-order Scorched, the sequel to the series I already know will be flipping fantastic; it's written by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I know that I am mature for my age, so the age group for JLA's books is older than me but I don't mind, I enjoy her books nonetheless and understand them just the same. Everything she writes: adult romance or YA sic-fi I love it and it makes me laugh and cry. Read a book by her, you won't regret it <3

August 18th
The Creeping - Alexandra Sirowy
I love thriller and horror when it comes to movies: they're my favourite genres. Therefore, I want to read more books of this genre. As you can tell from the title, this book is of those genres. Twelve year olds Stella and Jeanie vanish one day. Fortunately Stella returned moments later, however with no memory. And as for Jeanie, well she was never seen again. The story is told when protagonist Stella, now 17, and over the traumatic experience is starting to look back on it positively. She was a surviver in the mysterious crime. I believe that mysterious books like this are best diving in to with as little information as possible, but I'll leave you with this: "..before the summer ends, Stella will learn the hard way that if you hunt for monsters, you will find them." Seems like a lovely summer read! :)

September 1st
Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4) - Sarah J. Maas
January we found that the fourth instalment of the Throne of Glass series is called Queen of Shadows. I had mixed feelings when reading Heir of Fire. I didn't find it as incredible as everyone else did unfortunately. Until the end. OMG it was amazing and I can't stop thinking about how everything is going to turn out. What will Celaena do? Who will she choose (*cough* Chaol <3)? If she even chooses anyone? I cannot wait for this series! If you have not read this series and you love complete fantasy, action, bad-assery and super sassy beautiful heroines, gore and sexy sexy guys READ THE THRONE OF GLASS book. Even if fantasy may not be your preferred genre, reading these books I assure you that it will be. And then you can join me rocking in the corner, counting down the days until its September 1st!

October 6th 
Carry On - Rainbow Rowell
I love Rainbow Rowell. Everyone does. She always supplies us with books filled with adorable characters and relationships and stories. However, October she will bring us a book a little different than her usual YA romance. Kind of. Those who have read Fangirl, know that there were 'features' of a spin off of Harry Potter called Simon Snow. Rowell has now written an entire book practically of fan fiction between the all so lovable Simon + Baz... let that settle in. A bloody marvellous 384 pages of ghosts, vampires, magicians and cuteness.

November 10th 

Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4) - Marissa Meyer
This series is one that I own but have not read yet. I might marathon the first three just before Winter comes out? I might not be able to wait that long as the premise of each book being based on a different traditional fairytale (Winter about Snow White) with a twist sounds so tempting I just wanna read now. This book is a hefty 800 pages (info from Goodreads) and in my opinion, the bigger the better. Look out for this series (first book called Cinder) and give it a read, because no one seems to be disappointed. I will be writing a review on Cinder when I get round to reading it.

That concludes of some of the books to look out for this year, of course there are so many more! Some that haven't even been officially announced yet. You can contact us via email or by Instagram @bibliotopia for more discussion or information! Or just to tell us about some books you're looking forward to reading! :)


All dates were found from Goodreads and were the dates from 17/02/15. Some may change throughout the year.

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