Thursday, 5 March 2015

How to... Find the Perfect Book for You

Hello people of the internet, me and Hannah have decided we would like to do a "How to" series, this could include anything and we are open to suggestions. Every month one of us will upload a post containing a how to. For the first ever one I have decided to do "How to find the perfect book for you".

For me finding a book I want to read takes a while, I have to research about the author and the content in the book. I know a lot of people have a favourite author and they will religiously read books because they have wrote it. However I tend to just ignore the author and focus on what the story's about, I'm a sucker for a good romance and anything that involves some sort unnatural being. Yesterday I actually bought the first two books of the Beautiful Creatures series because I had heard they were great. A lot of people say that the film wasn't as good but I rather liked the film and I like the really bad book adaptations for some reason. I bought them because they involved everything I wanted and the author(s) didn't really make a difference in my decision. Although there are some cases in which the author does play a part for, example my favourite book of all time (so far) is The Time Travellers Wife by Audery Niffenegger, therefore I went to read one of her other books in my schools library. I was about 20 pages in and I just couldn't stand to read it, I didn't enjoy it and it made me feel saddened that I didn't because I loved the way she wrote The Time Travellers Wife, I ended up going back to shelf and rereading my favourite parts of that book.

Step 1:
Try and discover your favourite genre, but don't settle for the same every time (I definitely tend to). Experiment with the different ones, there are so many, I find myself even snooping in the British History section in Waterstones just because I can.

Step 2:
Although I don't really do this myself, you should probably check out books that your favourite author has written. This will give you a much better idea of how the book will be written and set out meaning you can get stuck into easily.

Step 3:
Ask your friends for recommendations! Me and Hannah are always telling each other books we like and because Hannah has read so many I always end up with her books at my house, the best one she recommended was "We Were Liars" I cant tell you how much I loved that book and there will be a review up by either me or Hannah this year.

Step 4:
Find your favourite book store, as silly as this may sound it actually works. If you're in a place you love to be you will enjoy the experience a lot more and probably spend more time scouting for a book. My favourite place is the Waterstones in Birmingham, the building is just beautiful and inside its so open and just jammed packed full of books (4 levels :D). Unfortunately I don't live in Birmingham so I don't go as often as I would like to but every time I go I end up buying something.

Step 5:
Use the internet! The internet is a great source of book finding. Before I started writing this I did some research about it and what other people did and there were so many book finding quizzes and even on websites where you can input what you like and they will find it for you.

Step 6:
And finally the last things you could do is read reviews! I love it when someone comments on how our reviews helped them, its such a great feeling. Instagram is also another great way of finding a book because there are so many book devoted accounts now and its such a great community.

I hope this has helped those of you who just can't decide what book to read. I really loved writing this and coming up with the ideas as its refreshing after writing reviews. It would be great if you could comment if you have any other suggestions or contact us on the following...

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