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Most Anticipated Books Of 2016! 3 Days...

I haven’t read many books this year, but I do have some favourites and next year some highly anticipated books are coming out and I can’t wait! This post will be about my personal favourites, and hopefully you find these helpful and/or can fangirl with me?! SO, in no particular order...

A Court Of Mist And Fury
Expected Publication May 3rd 2016
The first book that I read this year and LOVED was A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) by Sarah J. Maas. Everyone loves Sarah’s sophisticated writing style and incredibly unique and interesting stories. If you haven’t read any books by Sarah, I think I would recommend ACOTAR over the Throne of Glass series as I’m very nervous as to where that series is going. However this is just personal preferences and both are amazing and definitely a must read.
Next year, the second book in the trilogy ACOTAR is coming out, A Court Of Mist And Fury. I am very nervous for this book, not that I doubt that it will be good, but the fact that I am yet waiting for a ‘Happily Ever After’ in a Sarah J. Maas book and I think with this one it will get less likely. However it is near the top of my list for 2016.
The next book in the Throne Of Glass series is due next year too. I am yet to read Queen of Shadows, it’s been lying on my shelf for a couple of months now but it will definitely be read soon.

Lady Midnight
Expected Publication March 8th 2016
My most anticipated book of 2016 and was actually my most anticipated of 2015 before it was postponed for another year is Lady Midnight, the first book in one of my favourite authors Cassandra Clare’s new series The Dark Artifices. I am SO excited. I know little about this book and I kind of want to keep it that way because I am very ready for another Cassandra Clare book to completely fall in love and cry all over like I have done with literally every book she as written.
All I know about this book is that we’re introduced to new character Emma, who was briefly in City of Heavenly Fire, and is the protagonist of this book. I believe we are also welcomed to familiar faces from previous Shadowhunters books. I cannot recommend enough reading ALL of the Shadowhunters books: there are nine published so far, disregarding the book for children in the Magisterium series. Six in The Mortal Instruments series and three in The Infernal Devices. I suggest that if you want to read Lady Midnight, you read these first IN ORDER OF PUBLICATION to avoid spoilers. Of course this isn’t necessary but it’s probable that you’ll love Lady Midnight and want to read more but already have spoiled the other series for yourself.

Glass Sword
Expected Publication February 9th 2016
One of the books I read in early 2015 when it was published was Red Queen. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am really looking forward to continuing the series. I didn't grow serious connections to characters and I kind of predicted the ending of Red Queen, but it was still a really interesting book that I want to find out what happens next
The book had very mixed reviews but I think that may be because of the popular genre it is in and it being compared to books similar to it.
I think this series is going to be a seriously good and popular one and will turn into something super original and will have us all on the edge of our seats…


The Power
Expected Publication February 23rd 2016
Aaand another favourite author of mine is releasing a book. This one is the sequel in Jennifer L. Armentrout’s The Titan series. The first book was incredible, allowing me to see and understand (and love) a character that I originally disliked. This series is a spin off from Armentrout’s earlier series The Covenant series which is fantastic! I read the five books so fast and cried SO much! It is not necessary to read The Covenant series before The Titan series, however it highly spoils the entire series and it’s so good that you won’t regret reading the Covenant first. If you love action, love and Greek Mythology READ THESE!

So there’re my most anticipated books of 2016. I’ve kept the list short as it’s the year of my final exams and don’t want to get too distracted but of course I’m going to read more books than THIS. If you have any books you recommend for me or are on your list for 2016, comment below or you can find me on

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Thank you so much for reading. New post tomorrow!



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