Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Court Of Thorns And Roses Review

Spoiler Free

This month I read and finished A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. I expected this book to be promising due to my love for the authors ongoing series, the Throne of Glass series. And I was not let down.

Feyre, youngest of three sisters at the age of 19, must go out everyday to hunt and provide money for her family at such dire and tough times. She risks her life to do this, as the woods are known to be extremely dangerous, due to the potential Fae lurking there - if you happen to encounter a Fae, you won't last long. One day, whilst out hunting, Feyre discovers a wolf. Feyre considers whether to kill this beautiful creature,as it could be a Fae, however due to the violent things she's heard the Fae capable of doing and has done to humans, her hesitation didn't last long and she sent an arrow through the wolf's eye.
That evening, Feyre's intolerable family received an unwanted visitor Fae, demanding to know who murdered his friend. After Feyre's confession, she chose the offer to go and live with the Fae for the rest of her life, rather than be executed. However little does she know that her hatred towards the Faeries and this threatening beast, Tamlin, will dissipate, and be replaced with something else...

The book is mixture of a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, my favourite fairtytale, and Faerie lore. I found the book a little slower paced than Throne of Glass however feisty and lovable characters are provided just the same. Sarah J Maas' writing style and world building is incredible and the ending of this book was totally unpredictable: even though it was a fairytale retelling. The last hundred pages or so were so action packed and fast paced I couldn't put it down. This novel included much more romance than SJM's previous books as throughout there was heart-warming intimacy... and Tamlin - *swoon*. 

I have high hopes for this series (trilogy), and I just hope that it does have a happy ending which the Throne of Glass series seems to be against. Although I have heard a few theories for what will happen later in the series which I'm totally against, the imagination in this book and world is commendable. I would rate this book 9/10, and a definite read for young adult/adult high fantasy and romance fans!


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